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  • Clinical Trial Management
    Clinical Trial Management

    •Registration and Declaration

    •Medical Affairs

    •Data Statistics

    •Clinical Pharmacology

    •Clinical Operations

    •Quality Assurance

    •Clinical Trial Center Management

  • Clinical Trial Center
    Clinical Trial Center

    •Multiple Research-oriented Hospitals

    •Cooperate with Top Domestic Principal Investigators (PI) closely

    •International Standard Phase I Trial Wards

    •Clinical Trial Wards for Phase II-IV Patients

    •Investigator-Initiated Trials (IIT) and Real-World Studies

  • Enabling Service
    Enabling Service

    •Central Laboratory

    •Central Reading and Analysis Services (Imaging, Pathology, ECG)

    •Clinical Evaluation Center for Cardiac Safety

    •Isotope Tracing Clinical Research Platform

    •Quantitative Pharmacology Research

    •Subject-Specific Disease Registry and more

  • Efficient

    Our Advantages

  • Industry Transformation Center

      To improve the efficiency of clinical research and enhance overall professionalism, we provide specialized teams in clinical research to support the PIs and sponsors in conducting clinical trials and research more efficiently.   

    We also collaborate with professional investment institutions and industrial parks to accelerate the industrial transformation of clinical innovations.

  • IIT and the Diagnosis & Treatment Center for Difficul Diseases

      Primarily focused on investigator-initiated, groundbreaking clinical research, serving pharmaceutical companies and patients through investigator services. Thanks to the extensive clinical experience of seasoned investigators, we can assist in expanding indications for marketed drugs. Simultaneously, we provide treatment options prioritized in foreign markets for late-stage patients, offering salvage therapy for challenging and complex medical conditions.

  • Clinical Research Center

      Leveraging a system of multiple research-oriented hospitals and clinical trial centers, we closely collaborate with top domestic PIs to primarily conduct Phase 1-3 drug clinical trials involving both healthy subjects and patients. Our focus is on establishing the largest and most specialized Phase I clinical trial platform for innovative drugs, aiming to seamlessly integrate the Phase I system into early drug development. This approach aims to enhance the efficiency of drug market conversion, reduce development costs, and manage research and development risks.

  • Build a closed-loop system integrating clinical discovery, basic research, indus…
    • Adhering to GCP standards, we established an international-grade Phase I trial ward and clinical trial wards for Phase II-IV patients. This includes conducting IIT and real-world studies.

    • We're also building compliant clinical center laboratories, shared labs, and dedicated spaces for innovative tech research.

    • Our integrated services cover pathology, imaging, and electrocardiogram readings, enhancing clinical research capabilities.

    • With a robust quality system and streamlined information platforms, we boost efficiency in clinical research, speeding up the transformation of clinical innovations into practical applications.